Are you on a lookout for one-stop shop for both asbestos and non-asbestos packing products available at competitive prices? Welcome to NAV International!

We are one of the pioneer manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of asbestos and non-asbestos gland packing across the globe. Backed by rich experience, in-depth expertise and a skilled team of asbestos gland packing manufacturers, we offer an exquisite range of non-asbestos and asbestos gland packing products that meet the precise requirements of several industries such as mechanical, engineers as well as food processing. We leverage high-quality raw material combined with the latest technology & tools along with a stringent Quality Assurance and Quality Control process to ensure compliance with international standards.

Here's a glimpse of our wide range of asbestos and non-asbestos gland packing:

  • Asbestos packing for steam and superheated steam - Suitable for oven, hot gasses and autoclaves
  • Asbestos Graphite packing - Manufactured using graphite and lubricant and available in different graphite wires, asbestos graphite packings are suitable for valves and pumps.
  • Asbestos packing suitable for oil and solvents, acids, alkalis and chemicals
  • Asbestos packing for marine and hydraulic water as well as oil applicants
  • Asbestos cloth and webbing tape

Our spectrum of asbestos and non-asbestos packing sheets is available in different sizes, width and thickness as per our client's precise requirements.

Some of the features of our range of asbestos and non-asbestos packing rope and sheets are highlighted below:

  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Resilient
  • Flawless finishing
  • High tensile strength
  • High durability
  • Resistant to fire
  • Longer service life
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Availability in different dimensions and temperature specifications
  • asbestos-cloth
  • asbestos-cloth
Temperature Extra Special Special Medium Commercial Sizes
Depending on Quality Up to 325 C Up to 250 C Up to 150 C Up to 80 C Packing 3 MM & Up
  • Asbestos Graphite Packings
Temperature Webbing tape Width
wet process-500 c 0.5 mm & up-thickness up to 200 mm
  • asbestos-products
  • Asbestos Graphite Packings
  • asbestos-cloth
  • asbestos-products

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