High degree resilience, elasticity, strength and less weight are some of the key features of Aramid fiber packing. If you are looking to buy these at low costs and in quick turnaround time, we at NAV International can provide you just that!

Backed by a robust infrastructure and skilled team of aramid fiber packing manufacturers in India, we are one of the leading PTFE aramid packing suppliers and exporters across the globe. We make highly durable aramid gland packing using filament Kevlar / aramid yarn, impregnate them with PTFE and process them using high temperature lubricant to ensure quick break-in, high tensile strength, flexibility and less breakage.

Our suite of PTFE aramid fiber packing can be used for pumps across different industries including petrochemical, food and sugar, chemical, oil and gas, paper and pulp, mining, pharmaceutical, and various others. With a number of features, aramid gland packing can easily withstand abrasive and granular applications. Hence, they can be used in gritty media, slurry, sludge handling equipment and the like.


Why work with NAV International?

  • We offer a complete suite of Aramid fiber packing, PTFE aramid packing, Nomex fiber packing, Graphite spun aramid, GPTFE aramid packing and several others to industries of all shapes and sizes.
  • Our team works closely with the global clients to understand their requirements and accordingly manufacture PTFE aramid packing by making the most of high performance materials and high-end technologies.
  • We follow the stringent industry standards and ensure compliance to provide you the highest quality of aramid gland packing for various applications.
  • You can rely on us for the most competitive prices and industry best turnaround time.

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