Are you searching for high-quality flexible graphite gland packings? At NAV International, we offer you a wide array of flexible graphite packings for industries of all shapes and sizes across the globe.

We are one of the leading flexible graphite gland packings manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India. Our team of experts works to create gland packings that are braided with pure flexible graphite yarns. These are further reinforced with carbon fiber, cotton fiber, glass fiber, etc. As multi-service gland packings offering several uses across an industry, our range of products promise high strength, high intensity, low friction, good thermal and chemical resistance. They can be easily used in pumps, valves, mixers, expansion joints as well as agitators in high-pressure and temperature.

How we work?

  • We have a dedicated team of skilled resources with rich expertise and experience in manufacturing flexible graphite gland packings.
  • We work closely with our clients to assess and understand their specific requirements so we can provide them with best-suited, tailor-made products.
  • We give priority to quality and make sure that our products have long maintenance life.
  • We ensure that the products we offer are apt for the use and available at the most competitive prices.

Above all, we hold a superior position in the market and are well-known for exceptional standards and quality of flexible graphite gland packings.

The flexible graphite packings that we manufacture, supply and export are suitable for:

  • Chemical industry
  • Sugar industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Building services industry
  • Power plant technology
  • Mining industry
  • Petrochemical and chemical industry
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Process industry

And several others.

Flexible Graphite Packing (General Service)

Pure expanded graphite

Thermally conductive, self-lubricating

Used on pumps and valves

Temperature pH Pressure Speed
1250°F (650°C) steam 0-14 except strong oxidizers 3000 PSI (200 bar) 4000 FPM
  • graphite-powder

Flexible Graphite Packing (Inconel Wires)

Inconel wires reinforcement

Used for steam/high temperature services

Excellent valve stem packing

Temperature pH Pressure
1200°F (650°C) 0-12 except strong oxidizers 4000 PSI (275 bar)
  • graphite-powder

Flexible Graphite Packing (Carbon Graphite Fiber)

Easy to use/remove

Used on both pumps and valves

Temperature pH Pressure Speed
1250°F (650°C) steam 0-14 except strong oxidizers 3600 PSI (250 bar) 4000 FPM
  • graphite-powder

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